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Što čitaš?
Frankopanska 22
10000 Zagreb




monday-friday 10:00 - 20:00
saturday 10:00 - 14:00










Što čitaš?
second hand bookshop & anarchist publisher

Što čitaš?, Frankopanska 22

Sto citas? is collectively run bookshop in Zagreb city center (Frankopanska 22), we carry used and new books, covering wide range of topics from classic literature to more contemporary titles, SF, comic books/graphic novels, antrophology, philosophy, feminism, anarchism, subcultures, music, contemporary art, d.i.y. handbooks, psychlogy, permaculture and more...
Books are in local language(s), but nearly half of the books are in english, so even if you don't speak one of variations of our language, there's a lot of interesting books you can find.

Bookshop is open since begining of 2011, we moved to our current location in May 2021. Since we opened, we managed to fill it with thousands of books.

Beside books, we do screen-printing of our own t-shirts and cotton bags, and we also make badges. Important part of the bookshop are hand-made soaps made by our friends from Sapunoteka from Sibenik. All of their products are vegan and animal friendly.

We are open all week from 10:00 till 20:00 and saturday from 10:00 till 14:00. On sunday we are closed.

About Sto citas?

Sto citas? is anarchist publisher since 2001, although publishing project started earlier as part of Zagreb Anarchist Movement (ZAP), group that was active from 1991-2001. After that, Sto citas? continued with publishing on it's own. Since that time, we published more than 50 titles, mostly books and pamphlets on anarchism or related subjects.